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Welcome to Analytics Bodhi

Analytics is the science of extracting information from raw data, while doing so it encompasses a wide range of activities right from describing the data, identifying an appropriate statistical model and applying the concepts of computer science to implement the same on the data to gain insights. Bodhi tree on the other hand is a sacred tree under which a spiritual leader achieved enlightenment. Together, these explain your free online resource on analytics, Analytics Bodhi, enlightening analytics concepts!

Analytics Bodhi, aims to act as a bridge between the analytics experts and the analytics aspirants, by forming an active online community dedicated towards the study of this subject.


We are a dedicated team of industry experts. Having spent several years in the analytics industry in various domains, we decided to get together and contribute towards the learning in this field.  Our experience ranges from working with niche analytics firms to top notch IT firms, and from consulting firms to investment banks.

We would be putting down our experience on various concepts in the form of articles and short tutorials.

Why so much buzz about Analytics?

Businesses today are accumulating new data at a rate that exceeds their capacity to extract value from it. Data production is estimated to be 44 times greater in 2020 than what it was in 2009. With this humongous data explosion, business houses want to effectively use data insights to make themselves more profitable & identify new revenue streams.

On one hand industry wants to exploit this opportunity of rising data to draw actionable insights, but on the other hand they acknowledge the lack of skilled talent. For example, on one side 83% of business leaders in IBM have identified analytics as their top priority, on the other side Mckinsey, a top consulting firm has predicted a shortage of 1.5 million business analytics professionals by 2018.

How will Analytics Bodhi enlighten analytics concepts?

Analytics Bodhi will serve as an open and free platform for analytics experts across the world to contribute towards the learning of this subject. It will act as a free online analytics resource for learners. Be it tutorials or analytics articles, interview of the industry leaders or tips and tricks for analytics interviews, all modes of learning awaits you.

We welcome you all to explore this vriksha and take a step towards enlightenment on analytics concepts.